Why busy moms are happier


It’s no secret that being busy makes us feel stressed and even regret signing up or volunteering for half the stuff that makes us busy in the first place. Yet so many other mothers are constantly busy.

So maybe you’re asking yourself…

Why are they happier?!

It’s not necessarily what they’re doing is more significant than you, a study based out of the University of Chicago shows that we can be happy even if what we’re doing is deemed pointless.

This can come off as misleading because in between the many mom related activities we already partake in the time left afterward isn’t there. Or maybe you think of smaller tasks like folding the laundry “pointless” when in reality if you don’t fold the laundry it’s just going to pile up.

No good. Right?

Here’s what you need to do

You need to get organized and get productive. Quick.

Luckily doing this isn’t hard at all and can even be assisted by some awesome productivity mobile apps that are available today for businesses to busy moms just like you!

We’ve tested out a few different apps for this and the one that shined through is Google Calendar. You can use Google Calendar if you already have a Gmail account, if not just make one! It’s free.

You can download the iOS version here & the Android version here.

After you have successfully downloaded the Google Calendar app get ready to start logging in your most important daily activities. Keep in mind it’s best to add your daily reminders based on the relevancy and urgency of completing them.

Once you open the app go ahead and click the red plus icon in the bottom right corner of the screen.


Then click on the reminder. It’s the middle icon with a bow around the finger. Reminders are faster to set up than actual events in Google Calendar.


Then type in what you want to be reminded for and at what time. Once you’re finished setting the time that your reminder is due to finish it up by hitting save in the top right corner of the screen.


Boom! Now you can have all your most important day to day activities in one place. For this example, we included five different activities for reference. What you enter in as a reminder doesn’t need to be super important either! Your reminders can be something as simple as “Move pillows from the bedroom to living room”.

The whole idea of using reminders is to create a daily discipline in us that keeps us busy – always looking forward to the next thing that needs to be done.

If your reminder is something that you need to repeat every day click on “Does Not Repeat” when you’re creating the entry.

I’m literally never that busy

Good for you.

That means you have the crew and ship under control. So naturally, we have to virtual high five you for that.

*Virtual High Five*

This also means that you probably have some free time during the day that could be utilized to get even more done. Not your typical mom stuff though.

This time can be allocated to YOU. We all have personal aspirations that we are holding back on. With the method of planning we mentioned above you CAN get personal accomplishments done, even as a mom.

Just like you’d plan out your not so glamorous daily activities, do the same for your personal ones to ensure that they get accomplished one way or another. If it’s a long-term goal you can span the reminders out throughout a couple of weeks or months too! Nothing is holding you back this year.

Stay busy for your health

We’re not just talking physical health here. Stay busy for your mental health. Throughout our lives, as mothers, we encounter some of the greatest challenges from marriage, divorce, temper-tantrums, teenagers, and everything in between.

Sometimes these situations can become out of our control our out of reach to do something about directly. Which is where the mindset of strength and positivity becomes our best friend. Along with staying busy.

When there is always something to look forward to and always something to be done it can easily mask out the drawbacks occurring in our lives. Not to mention it helps us move forward.

Give the Google Calendar reminder method a try and keep your life moving in the direction YOU want.