Essentials you NEED for travel

There’s nothing worse than going on a trip only to find out way too late that you are not prepared. Avoid the headache of not knowing what to pack for your next big trip and learn the essentials all moms need to bring. Part of motherhood is being prepared for anything!

Extra Clothing

Don’t just pack enough clothing for every day you will be gone on your trip, pack extra outfits! Either the weather is unpredictable and you may need warmer or cooler clothing, you spill coffee on yourself, or someone gets car sick on themselves, those extra clothes you packed are a lifesaver. Besides, finding a washing machine on your trip is not always a guarantee. Even packing smaller clothing items is a good idea, like socks and undergarments. Accidents happen, especially if you are a mom with small children, so be prepared.

Mini-Med Kit

Leaving the house for your next big trip means everyone is more prone to sickness and accidents. Pack a little bag filled with common medicines such as Ibuprofen and Advil, and anything else that helps with motion sickness, headaches, etc. Other important items to put in this bag are band-aids, hand sanitizer, and tissues. This way, if you or anyone in your family has a mini emergency that requires items such as these, you aren’t in a mad dash to find it. If you want to be extra prepared, pack multivitamins as well to keep everyone’s immune system up to avoid illness, as traveling always takes a toll.


Long car rides or airplane rides can be brutal, especially if you have whining kids. Bring a bag dedicated to cure boredom and kill time during the not-so-fun parts of the trip. Some good items to bring are items such as coloring books, board games, magazines, favorite toys, or favorite movies. To avoid having heavy luggage, condense the activity bag to be travel-friendly. It may not have as much to offer activity wise as your house does, but it should still provide enough to keep occupied for a while.

Hygiene and Beauty Bag

Keep a baggie that’s designated just for your beauty and hygiene products. This would include small shampoo and conditioner bottles, toothpaste and brush, hairbrush, and any other basic self-care items. However, you should also bring a pack of standard sanitary wipes. Wipes are a simple and effective way to remove makeup, dirt, or sticky hands that children tend to get. This bag can also work as a beauty bag that holds your daily makeup products. Having a hygiene and beauty bag ensures that you won’t have to sacrifice feeling presentable just because you are traveling.


Sometimes traveling means there are periods of time when there is nowhere to eat or just not enough time to stop. Instead of going hungry, bring snacks to tide yourself or your family over. Bring snacks that are easy cleanup and easy storage, for example, almonds or crackers. Bring snacks that you know you and your family will enjoy so that snacking in between meals doesn’t become a problem.

Packing everything you need is key to having a smooth trip, so don’t be caught unprepared for your next trip. With these few essentials, you’ll be a super mom that is prepared for anything!