How Recipes Help With Meal Planning


Meal planning can be a struggle, especially when it comes to trying to remember what to make and how to make it. Sticking to just the basics gets old after awhile, but thinking outside the box is not always an easy task. However, if you keep recipes nearby, meal planning will be a much easier task.

Being Prepared

Meal planning has several factors involved that can make keeping everything organized a struggle. Ingredients, portions, and prep time are all factors that can be overwhelming. However, having recipes at hand eases that pressure. Keeping recipes nearby means that you know exactly what ingredients you need to have. Now, you’ll be less likely to be in the middle of making a meal only to realize you don’t have everything you need. Another bonus recipes show you are the serving size. This way, you can plan on how many people can eat this certain meal and if the recipe works with how many you intend to feed. If you need to feed more people than what the recipe serving size reads, then you can simply double the ingredients it requires. Thus, being able to know exactly what you need and how much of it will help you be able to plan and keeps you prepared for the next time you make a meal.

Creating Plans

Coming up with a weekly or even daily plan on what to make for your meals out of thin air can be a pain. However, if you have recipes nearby, you can sort through them and pick the ones suited best for you. If you have an abundance of recipes and it’s a lot to sort through, you can put all your recipes into categories. For example, you can have categories that are made in order from easy and simple dinners to more difficult and fancy ones, or you could organize them into categories of types of dinners like Chinese or Mexican style meals. Once you know what recipes you will be using in the future, take them with you to the grocery store and make sure you have everything required. You’ll have more free time now that all your meals were planned ahead, thanks to the help of your recipes.

Easy and Accessible

Now that technology has advanced, we no longer have to have all of our information documented physically. The same is with recipes. Recipe books or note cards no longer have to stored or carried around. If you prefer, you can save your favorite recipes on your phone by bookmarking them or copying and saving them in your notes. By saving recipes digitally, they can be pulled up at any time to look back and refer to. If you are in need of more recipes, a quick web search will give you endless choices that you can use for your future meals. Of course, there is no shame in keeping the classic paper recipes nearby as well.

Don’t let meal planning be something you dread. Keeping recipes nearby is a great tool for all your planning needs. Recipes keep you prepared and give you inspiration for your next meal, and are easily accessible. With recipes, the possibilities are endless, so get out there and start cooking!