Our Founder and Her Story


Rachel Duran Still, the founder of Sassy Mom Fitness, doesn’t want to be like everyone else.

The fitness platform she created isn’t just about losing the weight, it’s a lifestyle. Sassy Mom Fitness is not about a quick fix to weight loss, it’s about the personal and positive growth that will cause a permanent change. Rachel Duran knows all too well about the struggle of dieting. She tried every diet out there, took the pills that claimed great results, and even battled with an eating disorder.

But what Duran realized was that improving your health was much more than just dieting and physical appearance; it’s a lifestyle that requires change mentally and spiritually. With personal life experiences from her journey, Rachel Duran is now an advocate for those who want to take that next step and become a better version of themselves. Furthermore, she’s a mind and body coach and a fellow mom that knows the everyday challenges of a chaotic schedule and not taking time for yourself.

Duran’s mission with Sassy Mom Fitness to empower other moms and teach them how to love their body they are in, and how to take care of it.

Not only that but to have fun while doing it and to embrace their sassy and sexy side! SMF is designed to help women take that step and start to take time and focus on themselves. It’s not one size fits all. Sometimes it may just be repeating kind words to yourself in the mirror, or taking time to organize your thoughts and reboot. Becoming emotionally, mentally, and spiritually stronger are all important aspects that the SMF platform recognizes and encourages because it’s not all about the physical fitness and health part. In the end, this platform brings moms alike toward personal growth and self-love.

A platform like Sassy Mom Fitness makes it so you no longer have to go through your lifestyle change alone and can have access to help at your fingertips.