Using Pinterest to Decorate Your Home


Decorating your home is all about making your space something you are proud of and comfortable in, and it reflects creativity that you, your family, and guests can all enjoy. However, getting inspiration and narrowing down exactly what you envision can be a challenge. Pinterest is an efficient and free website to help give ideas to decorate your home with.

What is Pinterest and How Do You Use It?

Pinterest is full of design possibilities. Basically being an online pinboard, Pinterest allows you to browse and collect pieces of multimedia in the form of images. Since the content on Pinterest is driven entirely by images/visuals, you see right away what the “board” is about and what it is showcasing. When an image/post catches your attention, you can “pin” it. Pinning is basically a virtual bookmark that allows you to return to the content later. You can then organize your pins into different boards and title your boards accordingly (for example, “home décor ideas”). Thus, browsing for décor for your home is extremely convenient because thousands of pictures under that topic are available to browse and pin. To browse, type keywords into the search bar. In the case of decorating a home, you can search something as broad as “home décor”, or something specific like “vintage couches”. Pinterest will help you find pins that may pertain to your needs because it monitoring what you frequent and offers suggestions. If someone else’s pin is of value to you, you can “repin” it. Pinterest is a form of social media, so you can follow other users much like any other social media site, except by following them you get to see their pins and boards. Some profiles have specific genres, therefore finding a profile dedicated to just home decorating is easy to access.

Getting Inspiration

Once you get used to the format of Pinterest and how to navigate it, you can get to finding ideas! If you already have a certain aesthetic in mind, browse under the keywords to go along with that theme. If you’re completely lost, then go broad and browse varying themes until you can narrow it down. Remember, you can organize your pins into different boards. You can create one board for just furniture, one for rugs, one for knick-knacks, and one for lamps. Even if only one part of the image is something you like, you can piece together different ideas from the images. By doing this, you can pull color schemes, styles, and patterns that suit you and your home best. Another benefit of Pinterest is that it’s an online forum created by others, meaning that there are feedback and commentary on most of the pins and boards. You will not be left in the dark on how others created their décor and how to achieve it yourself. If you decide to take inspiration from an image and it worked well for you, you can give feedback so that others can see your success. All in all, the Pinterest community is supportive and helpful for all your inspiration and creation needs.

Pinterest is full of endless ideas and concepts, and it’s at your fingertips. Not only is it visually pleasing and interesting, but Pinterest works like a virtual bookmark. You’ll be a Pinterest expert in no time, and your home will look professionally designed.