What Working Out With Your Husband is Really Like

Doing a work out with your husband may sound impossible. Whatever your reasoning is for why you absolutely will not work out with your significant other, here is a list of reasons why it can actually be a positive experience!


Working out with someone, especially someone you are close to, will encourage you both to do your best and push each other! You both will be coming from a place of love and support, so you can benefit from that mutual understanding. If your partner looks frustrated or exhausted, you can be the one to help build them up again and vice versa. Never doubt the power of words of encouragement. 

Not only will working out with your husband give you positive reinforcements, but also give you a sense of accountability. You both will be counting on each other to follow through and do the workout. Therefore, your fitness goals will be way more likely to be reached.


Although being comfortable and supportive with your husband is always good, who’s to say there can’t be competition? A little bit of friendly competition will boost motivation and add an element of fun to your work out. For example, whoever completes their rep/set faster doesn’t have to do the dishes. Or, maybe the winner gets to pick what’s for dinner. It’s a perfect way to burn some extra calories and make your husband do some chores afterwards!

Alternate Date

Date nights don’t need to be going to dinner all of the time. Change it up and make a date night out of your workout. Depending on your preference, you can both hit the gym together or simply do an at-home workout. Not only will you both be getting your fitness done for the day, but you can bond in a way you never have before. There is something special about taking care of your health along with your significant other, as it can be incredibly intimate. Working out with your husband means you guys can also finally catch up on each other’s lives too, as daily adult schedules are hectic especially if you have a family.

Don’t overlook the amazing benefits there are with doing work outs with your husband, because there is potential for your both to grow and be healthy together!